Apple Smartwatch Range – Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying an iWatch

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The Apple Smartwatch Range has always been considered the best range of smartwatches in reviews. Here are our reasons why you should consider buying an iWatch.

Apple Was First To Offer An Activity Tracking Smartwatch

The Apple Smartwatch was a groundbreaking device when it first appeared, and was a long way ahead of its imitators. It allows its users to not
only keep track of their daily activity, but also to measure how hard they are
working. But what makes the Apple Smartwatch so unique is its inbuilt ability to
gauge one’s pulse rate while in the process of exercising. In this article we
will look at the innovative charging system and why it could be important to
fitness buffs.

Athletes View Real-Time Data To Pace Themselves While Practising

Heart rate monitoring has become increasingly important for athletes in
recent years. Most professional sports teams provide their athletes with an
on-board heart monitor to record the performance of their athletes in real time.
There are several reasons why this is beneficial to athletes. Firstly, some
events require that an athlete performs extreme physical workouts that require a
lot of power. Real time data can then be compared with previous performances to
determine improvements or setbacks. If there have been any changes, then that
would indicate a necessary adjustment in the workout schedule.

Apple Smartwatch – Pioneer of Heart Rate Monitoring

However, another benefit is the ability to use the data gathered by the heart
rate monitor to personalize the workout program. For example, an athlete could
set up his or her own program based on the performance of the previous session.
If the session resulted in a large increase in heart rate, then the athlete
could set aside some time for additional cardiovascular exercises. The same goes
for decreasing the heart rate through the course of the exercise. Therefore, the
Apple Watch can provide a flexible training program that takes into account a
variety of factors.

Apple Watch Updates Bring User Innovative Technology

Of course, one of the reasons to choose the Apple Watch is its innovative
technology. To begin with, there are several differences between the regular
iWatch and the smarter version. For one thing, the feature list is quite
different. This is because the original version was limited to the ability to
measure only the rate of heart beat. It also had only a few pre-programmed
workouts. Although it had a few advantages, it lacked on many important features
and eventually became a flop.

In contrast, the new Apple Watch does not just measure pulse rates but has
many more features. For example, you can customize the workout according to your
preferences such as speed and calorie target. You can also see if you are on the
right track through the GPS facility and download the sessions to the device.
Furthermore, the best smartwatch for the Apple ecosystem is the iPhone version.
That is because the iPhone allows you to transfer your data from the watch to
the phone which further increases functionality.

Apple Watch Fitness Programs Are Designed for Athletes and Body Builders

One of the most important reasons why you should consider the smartwatch is
the fitness features. Before, fitness programs were strictly for athletes and
body builders. However, thanks to the advances in technology, the Apple Watch
offers many such options. For example, you can measure the number of calories
that you have burned during your workout. Moreover, the Galaxy Gear watches
allow you to compare your stats with your friends and they can help motivate you
even more.

The second most important reason why you should consider the Apple Smartwatch
is the battery life. The two major smartwatches in the market today, the iPhone
and the Samsung Galaxy Gear, offer several days of battery life. Compare these
two with the Fitbit Motivo, which only has two hours of battery life and
therefore you will find yourself using it twice as much as you did before.

Apple Smartwatch Conclusion

The final reasons why you should consider the fitness-oriented Apple
Smartwatch is the variety of the choices and also the price. There are many
different fitness options when you consider the iPhone or the Fitbit. On the
other hand, the Fitbit reigns supreme in terms of choice when it comes to fun
and entertainment value. This means that you can use the iPhone or the
Fitbitrespective of your fitness goals. Furthermore, both devices are
affordable, which means that you can get a smartwatch with a big screen for less
than the price of an iPhone.

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