Avoid Foods That Bloat Your Belly

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Sometimes, even if you have visible abs, you might notice that you can’t see them. This is usually the result of eating bloating foods that can cause your stomach region to look larger than it normally is.

You should try your best to avoid these foods because not only do they cause you to bloat up, but they can also put more gas in your intestinal system, which can cause discomfort.

Naturally, one of the most common bloating drinks is anything carbonated. This could be sodas, beers, sparkling water, anything that has some fizz to it. These drinks contain gas which your body has to put through its digestive system, which will cause bloating pretty quickly.

They’re also simply not healthy for you, so you could probably stand to avoid drinking them anyway. Next, you should try to cut back on beans. Beans are fairly healthy for you, so it’s not necessarily bad to eat them, but they do cause bloating.

When your body digests them, it releases gas that can cause cramping and definitely causes bloating. Cutting back on these will have you looking more defined on a regular basis, potentially revealing some abs.

Some people don’t realize it, but you might actually be lactose intolerant without knowing it. It varies in severity, so you might not have horrible reactions to dairy products, but you can still get an upset stomach from them.

Lactose intolerance basically means that your body can’t quite process lactose, a major component of dairy, adequately enough, which causes bloating, stomach cramps, and more.

Try switching to some milk alternatives and dairy free products if this might be an issue for you. Many adults enjoy some alcoholic beverages every now and then, but be warned, alcoholic drinks will often bloat you.

Most cocktails and light drinks like beer and wine are mixed with things like carbonated beverages or sweet syrups that will make you bloat up pretty bad. Alcohol can also make you develop a bit of a gut, which could hide your abs for a longer period of time.

By cutting out these foods and drinks, not only will you save yourself from uncomfortable and unflattering bloating, but you’ll also prevent yourself from gaining weight, since most of these are unhealthy anyways. Eating clean is so important for having those six pack abs, so as long as you’re sticking to a good diet, you’re going to be fine.