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Developing A Weekly Workout Plan That Actually Works

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How many times have you promised yourself that you were going to get into shape, only to find yourself sitting on the couch again a few months later? If you are unhappy with the answer, you are not alone. Many people fail to realize that for sustainable success a weekly workout plan is essential to good health for folks who spend a lot of time sitting down. Just as ineffective as no workout plan is an unrealistic one.

Two sporty women doing exercise abdominal crunches, pumping a press on floor in gym concept training exercising workout fitness aerobic side view. ** Note: Shallow depth of fieldIf you’re ready to get into shape and stay that way, you need to start by understanding what your body needs. Your exercise routine should include stretching, strengthening and cardiovascular components. Fortunately, there are plenty of choices that address more than one of these important health activities. The combination will keep you strong, limber and improve your endurance levels.

Use a chart to help you map out your workout routine. You can make it as simple or elaborate as you like. However, the more complex the chart becomes, the more effort it will require to maintain it. It will become easier as you gain experience putting together various workout programs.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to stick to a plan that is not suited for you. Perhaps you have discovered that a particular class isn’t as challenging as you had hoped, or that rock climbing just isn’t your gig. Try to attend at least three to five sessions before making a final determination. You might warm up to the program during that time.

Try to include at least three different types of exercise each week. For instance, you might attend a yoga class, walk the mall with a friend, and lift weights. Some of these activities might only take place once each week, while others comprise the bulk of your workout. Find what works well for you.

In order to prevent boredom, you should add at least one activity per season. Review your weekly workout plan at the start of each season to see what changes you need to make. For instance, you will need to replace your winter ice skating when the temperatures rise and the venues close. Keep at least one activity from the previous season as an anchor to your workout efforts.

Before you decide on a workout schedule, make sure that you are addressing your upper and lower body equally throughout the week. It is natural to pick exercises that focus on your strong areas, but the weaker parts of your body need attention too. If you don’t strike a balance between these two, you will not be able to achieve the healthy physique that you are after.

Exercise should never be a chore. Instead, your workouts should be something that you look forward to every day. Whether you are going for an early morning jog several days each week, taking a yoga class from a certified instructor or using exercise bands and balls at your home, proper planning will help you stick with your routine so you can achieve and maintain the health and wellness to truly enjoy all that life has to offer.