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Reasons To Do Crossfit Workouts At Home

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At the turn of the millennium in the year 2000, a person by the name of Greg Glassman decided to create a very unique fitness regimen. Founded in conjunction with Lauren Jenai, this soon became a competitive fitness sport and a physical exercise philosophy. It incorporates many different exercise disciplines, coordinating all of them into exercise routines that can help anyone get back into shape. Here is an overview of why you should do crossfit workouts at home, and a few ideas on where you can start.

man doing pushupsThe History Of CrossFit

Although this company was first conceived back in 1996, leading to the original CrossFit gym in California, it quickly grew from a handful of locations to over 13,000 places where many people can do these exercises. Despite some controversy between the couple that created this physical fitness empire, it is still going strong today. Part of the reason has to do with the high intensity workouts that require discipline and great effort.

How Was CrossFit Conceived?

CrossFit is a combination of several different exercise disciplines. It includes interval training, powerlifting, calisthenics, gymnastics, and plyometrics. There are also other disciplines that are incorporated, making this one of the most comprehensive workout routine regimens that anyone can do. The goal is to complete one of these workout routines every day. Due to the intensity of the workouts, it has led to many people becoming injured. However, when done properly, you can help yourself become more physically fit than ever before.

Choosing Your Workout Of The Day

Those that are familiar with CrossFit understand what a Workout of the Day is. Often referred to as a WOD, you can find daily routines that are updated regularly that you can see on their website. An example of this would include doing 100 m run, a couple Burpees, pull-ups, and deadlifts of 200 pounds. These are going to change on a regular basis because they understand that the body can actually become complacent when routines are repeated. By changing the exercises that you do every day, and modifying the number of repetitions that you do, you can dramatically improve your physical condition.

If you are trying to lose weight or become more physically fit, you may want to start doing crossfit workouts at home. Although there are many other programs that are available today, this is one of the most comprehensive available. If you do have a crossfit workout center in your area, you might want to go there, just to see what everyone else is doing. You could also utilize all of the equipment that is provided if you do not own any yourself. However, for those that would prefer to workout in the privacy of their home, you can do these exercises any time that you want. By simply using the workout equipment that you have at home, you can take advantage of this phenomenal workout program.