What Are The Best Exercise Ball Workouts For Beginners?

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If you’ve been trying to get more fit as of late, it’s fair to assume you’ve already come across someone championing the use of an exercise ball. It’s natural to wonder why in the world they’re so popular however! If you’ve ever seen someone practicing the standard bouncing exercise, some degree of hesitance is almost expected.

As it turns out, there are actually several different exercise ball workouts. It’s almost shocking how many useful applications fitness experts have found for them! You might just find yourself convinced after keeping these routines in mind: exercise ball workout

1 – Squats

First of all, you can take advantage of the exercise ball’s weight to enhance your squats dramatically. There are several different approaches to take, with the easiest performed by holding the ball overhead while you practice a standard squat routine. If you can keep your torso upright and hold the squatted position for as long as possible before you come up for at least 15 repetitions, you’ll work up a great sweat while simultaneously building your lower body muscles.

2 – Back Stretches

Next up, place the ball on the ground and lower your stomach onto it with your arms stretched out. Straighten your legs and prop them up as high as you can with your toes placed firmly on the floor. You can also brace your feet against a wall if needed. (It’s fine if you need to hold the ball to keep yourself balanced even further.) When raising your chest in this position, you’ll provide an incredibly useful stretch for your lower back. When repeated for at least 10 reps per workout, it won’t be long before your posture straightens up considerably.

3 – Leg Stretches

You can also use exercise balls to work out your core muscles and stretch your legs in the process. The best method is to place the ball on the floor again and rest your ankles over it with your legs held as straight as possible. Keep your torso vertical and firm, then lean forward and hold. You’ll likely feel this working your shins and abs alike.

Believe or not, there are plenty more exercise ball workouts where those came from! There are various other stretches, as well as dipping maneuvers, jogging routines, and even push-ups. Best of all, the vast majority of these moves can be performed by beginners. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting off on your fitness or weight loss journey, there’s sure to be an exercise ball routine that’s absolutely perfect for your current needs or level of physicality.

If needed, you can consult with one of the trainers at your gym for even more ideas and basic instruction. (This is the best route to take if you want to remain safe as well.) The true benefit of exercise balls is that they can easily be used at home however. By keeping your routine consistent, you can easily supplement any existing workout regimen and even boost its efficiency!