What Are The Core Benefits Of The Burpees Exercise?

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Its name may sound a bit silly, but the burpees exercise is no laughing matter! Practiced by CrossFit specialists, military units, and sports teams the world over, burpees offer a complete workout that can improve your body from head to toe. It may be puzzling to think that one basic movement can affect so many core areas, but its simplicity is undoubtedly deceptive. This is how the exercise actually breaks down:

• First, you have to squat down with your hands on the ground and your forearms resting on the outer side of each knee.

• Next, your feet must be swung back into the standard push-up position.

• From there, you need to return to the original squat.

• Finally, you have to jump and then return to the ground in order to begin the cycle anew.

When performed by experts, this all looks like one seamless motion. As you might imagine by the step by step rundown above however, this exercise takes considerable effort to master. It can even be varied as you improve along the way, with additional steps such as push-ups and pull-ups thrown into the mix. Simply practicing the standard variety has a host of benefits however.

How Can Burpees Help Improve Your Fitness?

First of all, burpees are incredibly useful for burning fat. As a fairly high intensity routine, you’re going to work up a serious sweat even after one or two repetitions. The more calories you burn, you’ll also gradually build your metabolism as your body adjusts. Anyone that’s struggled to rid themselves of their excess belly fat even after regular exercise will find themselves finally climbing over the hurdle by practicing burpees on a consistent basis.

You’re also going to build up considerable strength as you perform burpees more often. Your thighs, shins, forearms, biceps, abs, deltoids, and chest will all benefit from the routine. You’ll be able to feel the workout affecting each one of these areas, especially when you’re just starting out. The strength boost will open the door to even more strenuous and long lasting workouts, providing a firm foundation for your health in the future.

Best of all, a burpees exercise routine can easily be performed anywhere. You don’t need any special equipment whatsoever. It’s easy to feel held back with other strength training and fat burning exercises since they tend to be best performed at the gym or with particular gear. The only thing standing in the way of your burpee regimen is yourself.

Longstanding Personal Improvement

Burpees are incredibly difficult at first, but it’s worth expelling as much effort as needed towards mastering them. Many fitness experts consider them the most effective workout you can possibly engage in. When practiced habitually, you’ll unlock your physical potential and attain long-lasting results that can both improve and prolong your life. (If you need further instruction, there are various tutorials online, and you can also consult with a trainer at your local gym.)